It’s a reasonable question. With a reasonable answer. It depends. You see, writing (just like other creative services) varies depending on factors like:

  1. What you need me to do
  2. How much information you provide me with
  3. How much research I need to do
  4. How quickly you need me to deliver the work
  5. How many reworks and adjustments you need.

But I get it, you want a proper answer. So, here are some ballpark copywriting costs.

My day rate is £450. That’s a little above average for a freelance copywriter working in the UK. You can get cheaper. You can also get much more expensive. Each to their own.

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Want to know how I charge? Here are my guideline copywriting prices.

Blogs / Articles

Posts and articles your audience will love reading and sharing. SEO as standard.

Prices start at £200.

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Case Studies

Tell potential clients about your success stories.

Prices start at £50.

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Website Copy

Clear, customer-focused website copy for an all-round better website.

Prices start at £800.

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Stay in touch with your customers and welcome new subscribers to the fold.

Prices start at £100 per email.

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Product Copy & Descriptions

Go the extra mile with professionally written product descriptions.

Prices start at £50 per description.

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Social Media Posts

Interesting, relevant social media posts that are consistent with your tone of voice.

Packages start at £50 per month.

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Brochures & Leaflets

Don’t keep the good stuff online, print it in a glossy brochure!

Prices start at £50 for a short leaflet.

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Awards Entries

Enter awards without all that tiresome entry form writing.

Prices start at £75 per entry.

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Written the copy and need an expert pair of eyes to tidy things up? Happy to oblige.

My copyediting rate is £60 per hour.

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Laura was truly great to work with. She completed the project on time and on budget. She was always contactable and very responsive. Following the successful launch of our website, we continue to have a very successful working relationship with Laura and very much hope that this will continue

Jess Buttaci, Howell-Jones LLP

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