(Treat your customers Like Kids) Let Them Know What’s in it For Them


Let them know what's in it for themSmall children are crystal clear on what they want. They’re little hedonists who only want to do things that excite, delight and please them. Nothing else. No! No! No!

Fortunately parents know this. So each dull shopping trip, long car journey or dentist visit is cleverly presented with the potential benefits that await the little darlings during the upcoming event.

So let’s imagine you’re packing the kids into the car for a hefty four hour drive to visit Auntie Maeve.

Amidst the misery of getting into the car, Dad mentions the stop halfway where they can watch the cars from the bridge. Mum then quickly follows this up and reminds them that their favourite CD is in the car; they can have a sing-along to the song they all love. And even better they’re going to drive past the building site and have a look at the diggers and cranes! With this in mind, the kids cheer up and succumb (albeit grudgingly) to being buckled into their car seats.

Notice how the cunning parents used benefits to “sell” the car journey? They didn’t use the features of the journey: “we’ll stop at a service station”, “we’ll play a CD” and “we’ll drive past a building site”.  A child wouldn’t understand what this meant for them; they’re simply unable to translate the feature of stopping at a service station (boring, but factually correct) into the benefit of standing on the bridge watching the cars zoom beneath them (exciting – they might even see a fire engine or car transporter!).

So whether or not you have kids, have a go at thinking of your customers as children next time you communicate with them. Features don’t talk to the kid inside us. What does talk is a simple explanation of the benefit of those features to your customers. For instance:

  • “Late-night opening” becomes “convenient after-work shopping”
  • “Qualified staff” becomes “staff to help you choose the best computer for your needs” and
  • “Made with 70% cocoa” becomes “an intense chocolate hit that tastes divine”.

This way, you help your customer understand what’s in it for them.

So next time you’re communicating with your customers, speak to them like you would a small child. Excite, delight and please them … with the benefits you offer them.

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Foter.com CC BY