Asking how much copywriting costs is a reasonable question. With a reasonable answer. It depends. You see, a copywriting cost (just like other creative services) varies depending on factors like:

1. What you need me to do
2. How much information you provide me with
3. How much research I need to do
4. How quickly you need me to deliver the work
5. How many reworks and adjustments you need.

That said, if you’re running a project or have a budget to stick to (who doesn’t?) then a clear copywriting cost is helpful.

I have three pricing options for you to choose between…

The Retainer

The simplest option for anyone who wants regular help with their copywriting services. You pay me at the start of the month and I then deliver a pre-agreed amount of work to you. Blogs, case studies, emails, product copy, website updates… it’s all covered.

From £250pm

My retainers start at £250 for a single blog with supporting social media posts.

The Project

Got a one-off project and want a set price? This is the option for you. I’ll give you a set price for your project so you know exactly what you’re working with. This option is perfect for new websites, tone of voice updates or branding projects.

From £400

A new landing page will set you back about £400, a new website will cost you in the region of £1,500.


Want copy without the commitment? This the one for you. You buy a chunk of my time in advance and I keep track of how much work I’ve done for you, letting you know how much of the time each piece of work uses.

From £350

Half a day costs £350, a full day costs £600.

Laura was truly great to work with. She completed the project on time and on budget. She was always contactable and very responsive. Following the successful launch of our website, we continue to have a very successful working relationship with Laura and very much hope that this will continue

Jess Buttaci, Howell-Jones LLP

I’m an accommodating soul, so if you’re looking for something specific, call me for a tailored quote. I can also help you with inspiration or guidance – a 30-minute consultation call costs £45 and an hour-long call costs £90.

Want to talk things through?

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