Could I be the Guildford copywriter for you?

Choosing a Guildford copywriter sounds like it should be easy. But it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

You need to think carefully about which copywriter you work with and whether they’ll suit you and your business. Here’s some information about me, and how well we may (or may not) work together.

Laura is a godsend. She recently helped me with some of the copy and metadata for my new website and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Laura is very professional and personable and you feel in very safe hands when dealing with her. If you need help with getting your content to fly than Laura is the woman for the job!

Jennifer Corcoran, My Super Connector

Will this Guildford copywriter suit you, your team and your business?

I’m friendly and dedicated. You say you want something for next Monday, you can bet I’ll be chasing you for feedback the Wednesday before. My corporate background means I’m always on time and love a project plan.

I ask questions, I send you ideas, I try to be as helpful as is humanly possible. If you prefer to be left alone and don’t like responding to emails we’re not well suited.

As a freelance copywriter, good relationships with my clients are hugely important to me; so tell me all about you and the things you like. For what it’s worth I like pottering in my garden, faffing around with my houseplant collection and spontaneous trips to the seaside.

Will you like my style?

I write in an approachable and familiar style that sounds professional. It’s a style that works well for businesses who want to show their human side without sounding too try-hard. Coaches, HR-related businesses and those in the property industry particularly like my writing.

If your business is uber-fashionable, cutting-edge or cool, you’ll need a freelance copywriter who suits your style too. And that’s not me. I’m not cool anymore and struggle to write in the way you need. #truestory

Do we have similar values?

I have certain exclusions. I don’t write about gambling, alcohol, legal (or illegal) highs, cigarettes or E-cigarettes.

My feminist principles mean I support people of all genders, preferences and backgrounds.

My experience and that of close friends and family with health and disability challenges have improved my understanding and empathy towards those living with physical and mental health issues.

How soon do you want to work together?

As a freelance Guildford copywriter, I manage my time VERY carefully.

Occasionally you might get lucky and I’ll have a slot for your project in the week you call me. Otherwise, I operate a first-come, first-served list. I’m efficient, and so long as you have a reasonable deadline and a responsive working style, you can trust I’ll meet your deadline.

I have children and work around their school hours and school holidays. This means I’m less flexible during holidays. But I deliver against my commitments and get your work to you on mutually agreed deadlines.

How much does a freelance copywriter cost?

My day rate for freelance writing is £600. Yes, you can find cheaper. You can also find much more expensive.

Because here’s the thing. It’s not about talking to your customers. It’s about getting them to listen to you. My intuitive approach and responsive, thorough and friendly working style means I make many brands and business owners very pleased indeed. Working with me might be the best investment you make!

More information and details of individual packages are on my pricing page.

Laura is a fab person to work with. She is very patient, understanding and was committed to ensure we had the best possible copy. She worked closely with our web developer and her communication was excellent at all times.

Russell Jenks