You write, I edit. That’s better…

So you’ll tweak my copy for me?

I certainly will. “Tweaking”, “switching it up” and “making it sound better” are all services I offer.

It’s good to understand something first though. You might not find copyediting to be much cheaper than briefing me to write something from scratch.

“How so?” I hear you ask.

Well, because believe it or not, it can be trickier to untangle copy and pull through the main ideas, especially if it’s something that’s new to me. As much as it’s reassuring to send me a “draft” that has all the key points in it, a thorough brief that I follow from scratch will often get you a better end result.

Give your award entry an even better chance of success…

… with a relevant, positive submission.

One of the best ways to tell your potential clients about your brilliance is to enter and win awards. But there a couple of problems:

  1. You just don’t have the time to write the awards entry form. Crikey, you have enough to do as it is. Writing a lengthy awards entry with specific criteria is just one thing too much.
  2. You HATE writing about yourself in a way that sounds uber-positive. You think it sounds cringey, too try-hard or boastful.

Here’s a solution. Get me to write your awards entries for you. I write methodically and enthusiastically, telling those judges just why YOU should be the winner of that lovely shiny award.

Beautifully written brochures and leaflets

It’s a funny old world…

Brochures and leaflets used to be the bread and butter of copywriting. Less so nowadays.

Which is why there’s something rather nice about writing for a brochure or leaflet. I can certainly help you with the copy for yours.

Better engagement with less effort. Sound good?

Let me write your social media posts for you.

Now, don’t tell me that doesn’t appeal.

Stand out from the humdrum and engage on social media with well-written, helpful and interesting posts. All without racking your brains. Because frankly, you’ve got enough to do already.

From sharing your blogs and case studies to finding content your audience will love, let me tune in and send out posts to keep your audience interested.

Informative, engaging product copy to get your customers buying

Do I really need someone to write product copy?

That depends on how much you want to sell.

Professionally written product copy wins hands-down because:

  1. it’s optimised for search
  2. it helps your customers make a decision
  3. it’s consistent
  4. it will reduce customer complaints and returns
  5. it supports your brand

And because writing product copy can become somewhat arduous, you can get on with more value-adding tasks.