Copywriting workshops for non-writers

Every business deserves great copy. But not every business has the budget to pay for a professional copywriter.

The solution? Copywriting workshops for non-writers.

Do you feel uncomfortable writing anything official? Perhaps you avoid writing blogs because you lack confidence and don’t know where to start. Or maybe you just want to write without doubting the value of your work. I can help you with all these problems (and more).

Each copywriting workshop is designed to help non-writers – just like you – learn basic copywriting skills and grow in confidence. You’ll learn the secrets I was taught as a trainee copywriter and the skills I’ve learnt along the way. I work hard to make my sessions jargon-free and focused on the topics that will make a genuine difference to the way you write.

Want your team to attend one of my copywriting sessions?

I run bespoke corporate copywriting workshops focused on your exact requirements.
Drop me a line and let’s talk.

Mentoring and 121s for non-writers

You might not want or need someone to write your emails, blogs and website copy for you. Even so, you’d like a helping hand.

That’s where my 121 sessions for non-writers come in. You book an hour of my time, and we’ll talk about whatever you want to talk about. That might look like:

– Learning how to craft and refine a blog you’re working on

– Reviewing some website copy that you’re writing

– Creating a content plan and discussing the kind of social media posts you could write

– A dedicated learning session focused on how to research articles and e-books

– Refining your LinkedIn profile so it’s punchier and more interesting for potential clients.

These sessions can be whatever you want them to be!

‘Done for you’ copywriting services? Here’s what I can help you with.

There are lots of copywriters out there, and we all do things differently. Here are the ‘done for you’ copywriting services I can help you with.

You write, I edit. That’s better…

So you’ll tweak my copy for me?

I certainly will. “Tweaking”, “switching it up” and “making it sound better” are all services I offer.

It’s good to understand something first though. You might not find copyediting to be much cheaper than briefing me to write something from scratch.

“How so?” I hear you ask.

Well, because believe it or not, it can be trickier to untangle copy and pull through the main ideas, especially if it’s something that’s new to me. As much as it’s reassuring to send me a “draft” that has all the key points in it, a thorough brief that I follow from scratch will often get you a better end result.