It’s a funny old world…

Brochures and leaflets used to be the bread and butter of copywriting. Less so nowadays.

Which is why there’s something rather nice about writing for a brochure or leaflet. I can certainly help you with the copy for yours.

How does my brochure and leaflet writing service work?

You’ll be relieved to hear I’m flexible in the way I work, so tell me what you want and I’ll get going for you. Here’s my guideline process:

Set-up call.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. It’s really important that I understand your business and audience before I start writing for you. You’ll probably find I spend lots of time asking you questions you’d never thought you’d hear. I’ll give you a couple of briefing forms to complete – we’ll talk through this together.


You pass me your brief. It’s always best for me to write in the context of a broader marketing strategy which we’ll probably have already covered in the set-up call. If not, give me the background to help me understand how your brochure or leaflet works in your plan and I’ll be able to bear this in mind.

Schedule and write.

We’ll agree a schedule to work to and then I’ll get going. I will always deliver your copy to you ahead of your planned publish date so you have time to read through, check you’re happy with it and request any edits. It’s always super helpful for me to see the copy laid out in the final design. This way I can suggest ways to adjust the copy for the best result.


You proof and print your brochure or leaflet and keep me in the loop. If you want proofreader support let me know, I have a few talented bods in my little black book. I’ll look forward to receiving a final version of your brochure or leaflet when it’s complete!

Brochure & Leaflet Questions

How long does a brochure or leaflet take to write?

It really depends on how long your brochure or leaflet is. As a guideline, allow a 1-week turnaround from briefing for a single page leaflet. For longer, more complex brochures allow 2 to 3 weeks’ turnaround.

Can you just use the copy I have on my website?

I can use the copy on your website as part of my brief, but no – generally it’s not ideal to use the same copy in a brochure or leaflet. Leaflets and brochures are often used in very different ways to websites and social media, so the way we write them has to be different as well.

How will you write in a way that sounds like me?

In the initial briefing call, I’ll will ask you to complete a tone of voice briefing template which helps me understand more about your brand and how you “sound”. I use this information to write in your “voice”.

Will you write about any subject?

No. There are some subjects I’m not happy to write for and some subjects that I’m not qualified to write for. You can find out more about my exclusions here.

What if I don’t like the copy you’ve written for my brochure or leaflet?

Houston we have a problem! If you’re not keen on the work I’ve done for you, tell me straightaway. Be as specific as possible. Have I used words you hate? Is the style too formal? Is something untrue? It’s possible that something went wrong at the briefing stage, in which case a few tweaks will get us back on track.

Will you design the layout for my brochure or leaflet?

Seriously, no one wants me to design their brochure or leaflet. But I know some very good designers who can do an excellent job. I’m also very happy to collaborate with your design team to get your final layout looking spot on. I’m not precious about rewriting things if we need to fit a certain space or layout.

How much does your brochure and leaflet copywriting cost?

Because these jobs vary so much, it’s really difficult for me to give you a guideline price. But here goes. A really simple piece of copy on a small leaflet will start at £50. Anything more complex, then we’re going to have to talk it through. Give me a call and I’ll be very happy to give you a realistic quote.

Can you book me in?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we’ll get started!

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