Do I really need someone to write product copy?

That depends on how much you want to sell.

Professionally written product copy wins hands-down because:

  1. it’s optimised for search
  2. it helps your customers make a decision
  3. it’s consistent
  4. it will reduce customer complaints and returns
  5. it supports your brand

And because writing product copy can become somewhat arduous, you can get on with more value-adding tasks.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura for a year or so now, during which she’s helped us write product descriptions, a tone of voice guidelines and buying guides. Above all, we’ve been so impressed with Laura’s ability to excel in anything we set her, including tricky pieces! And, of course, her ability to work in a timely, professional and friendly attitude. Laura would be a true asset for anyone and comes with our heartfelt recommendation. She’s an asset to the team!

Ruth Welton, Soak&Sleep

How does my product copy service work?

You’ll be relieved to hear I’m flexible in the way I work, so tell me what you want and I’ll get going for you. Here’s my guideline process:

Set-up call.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. It’s really important that I understand your business and audience before I start writing for you. You’ll probably find I spend lots of time asking you questions you’d never thought you’d hear. I’ll give you a couple of briefing forms to complete – we’ll talk through this together.

Content planning.

Lots of my clients have already planned out their launch plans – so in this case all I do is pick up the information you’ve sent me and get writing.

Schedule and write.

We’ll agree a schedule to work to and then I’ll get going. I’ll always deliver your product copy to you ahead of your planned launch date so you have time to read through, check you’re happy with it and request any edits.


You add your copy to your website and keep me in the loop. I love sharing the amazing products I’ve written for to my network, so don’t be surprised if you find me pushing your products in my email updates or social copy.

Product Copy Questions

Are your product descriptions SEO optimised?

Absolutely. I’ll make sure your product copy packs an SEO punch for you. I’ll include relevant keywords and write naturally without unsightly and repetitive keyword stuffing.

How long does product copy take to write?

Individual pieces of product copy don’t take especially long to write and I can normally turn them around for you in a week from being provided with full product information. If you have a large number of items for me to write then I’ll need more time. We can agree on timings together.

How much information do I need to send you?

That depends on how much information you want me to include. As a good guide, I’ll need all the technical details of your products and some high quality photos too. Actual product samples are incredibly helpful too. I understand that it’s not always possible, but it does make an enormous difference.

Will you edit product copy I’ve written?

It’s better for me to write from scratch. You’re very welcome to send me an example of the work you’ve done as part of the briefing.

How will you write in a way that sounds like me?

In the initial briefing call, I’ll ask you to complete a tone of voice briefing template which helps me understand more about your brand and how you “sound”. I use this information to write in your “voice”.

What sort of products do you write about?

I’m pretty flexible. I’ve written descriptions for food, homewares, and health and beauty products in the past.

Will you write product copy for anything?

No. There are some products I’m not happy to write for and some products I’m not qualified to write for. You can find out more about my exclusions here.

What if I don’t like your product copy?

I’m human and sometimes it happens, so please tell me! Be as specific as possible. Have I used words you hate? Is the style too formal? Is something untrue? It’s possible that something went wrong at the briefing stage, in which case a few tweaks will get us back on track.

I allow for unlimited edits for initial product copy, and then one round of edits for subsequent copy.

How much does your product copy cost?

My prices start at £50 per item.

Can you book me in?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we’ll get started!

Better product copy could be yours...

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