Let me write your social media posts for you.

Now, don’t tell me that doesn’t appeal.

Stand out from the humdrum and engage on social media with well-written, helpful and interesting posts. All without racking your brains. Because frankly, you’ve got enough to do already.

From sharing your blogs and case studies to finding content your audience will love, let me tune in and send out posts to keep your audience interested.

How does my social media service work?

I’m easy-going so tell me what you want and I’ll make a start. Here’s my guideline process:

Set-up call.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. It’s really important that I understand your business and audience before I start writing for you. You’ll probably find I spend lots of time asking you questions you’d never thought you’d hear. I’ll give you a couple of briefing forms to complete – we’ll talk through this together.

Content planning.

Lots of my clients have already planned out their content plans – so in this case all I do is pick up the list and get writing. But I’ll also collaborate with you to create a plan for your social media if you’d find that helpful.

Schedule and write.

We’ll agree a schedule to work to and then I’ll get going. I’ll always deliver your posts to you ahead of time so you have time to read through, check you’re happy with it and request any edits.


We post your er… posts, sit back and wait. I’ll be signed up to your accounts and so I’ll share the love with comments, likes and ❤️s. We’ll take a look at what flies and what sinks and use that information for future posts.

Social Media Copywriting Questions

How will you write in a way that sounds like me?

In the initial briefing call, I’ll ask you to complete a tone of voice briefing template which helps me understand more about your brand and how you “sound”. I use this information to write in your “voice”.

What sort of subjects do you post about?

I enjoy posting about management subjects, the world of work and employment.

Will you post on any subject?

No. There are some subjects I’m not happy to write for and some subjects that I’m not qualified to write for. You can find out more about my exclusions here.

What if I don’t like the posts you’ve written?

If you’re not keen on the work I’ve done for you, tell me straightaway. Be as specific as possible. Have I used words you hate? Is the style too formal? Is something untrue? It’s possible that something went wrong at the briefing stage, in which case a few tweaks will get us back on track.

I’ll always send you a draft of your social media posts in advance of them going live, so there’s no danger of you seeing something online that you’re uncomfortable with.

How much do your social media posts cost?

I can deliver a basic posting schedule of 2-3 posts per week for £50. This involves sourcing information from your existing content.

A month of 20 posts, fully researched costs £175.

Will you schedule my posts for me?

I can add your posts to your Hootsuite, Buffer and Facebook scheduler for an additional fee.

Can you book me in?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we’ll get started!

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