You might not want or need someone to write your emails, blogs and website copy for you. Even so, you’d like a helping hand.

That’s where my 121 sessions for non-writers come in. You book an hour of my time, and we’ll talk about whatever you want to talk about. That might look like:

– Learning how to craft and refine a blog you’re working on

– Reviewing some website copy that you’re writing

– Creating a content plan and discussing the kind of social media posts you could write

– A dedicated learning session focused on how to research articles and e-books

– Refining your LinkedIn profile so it’s punchier and more interesting for potential clients.

These sessions can be whatever you want them to be!

How does a mentoring or 121 for non-writers work?

I like to keep these informal, but I find it’s easiest to follow a set process.

1. We agree a date.

2. You let me know what you want to talk about and send me files, drafts, website copy etc so I can prep in readiness for our call.

3. We hold our call via Zoom.

4. After the call I send you the recording for your reference, together with a follow-up email detailing the key points of our discussion.

How much does a mentoring or 121 for non-writers cost?

An hour-long session is £120. Book three sessions for £300 and save £20 per session.

Want to know more? Ready to book some sessions?

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