Case studies are incredible marketing tools, and a great way of demonstrating your experience and range of services.

I write a range of case studies for my clients:

Short & Sweet – perfect for including on your website or within a larger document. These are typically around 100-200 words and cover off a brief background, topline the work you did and summarise the impact.

Seriously Meaty – the granddaddy of case studies. The sort of thing you might want to include in a sales deck and share with high-value potential clients. These are especially useful if you’re a tech-minded company. I conduct interviews, I analyse results, I’ll even liaise with your designers to get everything spot on.

Somewhere In-Between – Not too long, not too short, you could call this a Goldilocks case study. It’s probably a side or two of A4 and you’ll have given me all the information I need to write it. These flexible case studies are ideal for your website, as blogs and to share on social media.

We chose to work with Laura as a ghost writer on numerous client projects. Laura’s level of research and diligence really pays off as she is an expert in at least 4 markets I know of, possibly more. Add to this, her natural, succinct style and ease of working with, I have no hesitation in recommending Laura.

Paul Stratford, Usable Media

How does my case study service work?

I follow a pretty standard process for my case studies. Here’s how:

Set-up call.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. It’s really important that I understand your business and audience before I start writing for you. You’ll probably find I spend lots of time asking you questions you’d never thought you’d hear. I’ll give you a couple of briefing forms to complete – we’ll talk through this together.

Tell me about your project.

I need lots of information to write a strong case study. Depending on the type, I’ll send you a format for you to provide me the information you have. If it’s a longer case study, I may also need details of contacts, your clients and your results. If you want me to liaise directly with a designer, then we’ll need to agree who that designer is and involve them at this stage too.

Schedule and write.

We’ll agree a schedule to work to and then I’ll get going. I’ll deliver your case study to you well ahead of when you need them to give you time to read through, check you’re happy with it and request any edits.

Share your brilliance!

Now your case study is complete, it’s time for you to go ahead and share it.

Case Study Questions

Will case studies help my SEO?

If I write them for you, then they will 100% help your SEO.

I’ll make sure your case study packs an SEO punch for you. With in-line links to your website, and that of your clients (if that’s OK with them of course). I’ll also make sure there are plenty of keyword-rich headings and natural, uncomplicated writing that humans like to read.

How long does a case study take to write?

That really depends on how long it is and how much work I need to do to get hold of all the information. If it’s a Short & Sweet case study, then you’re looking at a 1-week turnaround. A Somewhere In-Between case study will need a 2-week turnaround. Meaty case studies depend on the individual brief, especially if I need to interview third parties.

Will you edit a case study I’ve written?

I certainly will. You can find out more about my copyediting services here. It’s worth knowing that it can be easier to brief a case study with a formal brief rather than an initial draft. If you want to chat through the options, book in a call and we can decide the best route for you.

What if I don’t like the case study you’ve written?

It’s unlikely there’ll be an issue with your case study – I’m simply reporting the excellent work you’ve done. But if you’re unhappy with the tone or phrasing I’ve used let me know straightaway. It’s possible that something went wrong at the briefing stage, in which case a few tweaks will get us back on track.

I allow for one round of edits for case studies with additional small edits if required,

How much do your case studies cost?

Short & Sweet – £50.

Goldilocks – £150.

Seriously Meaty – Varies. Give me a call and I can give you a better idea once I have a brief.

Can you book me in?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we’ll get started!

Better case studies are just a call away.

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