… that’s SEO-friendly as standard.

There are no hidden charges for SEO copywriting here. All my website copywriting takes account of SEO.

I’ll help you write a new website from scratch or overhaul an existing one.

Size doesn’t matter either. I’ll work on teeny-weeny little websites or great big hulking ones.

Laura helped us with the launch of our new website by writing product copy and some of the other key pages in the website. Her work was so well considered and always had the brand’s tone and our requirements, as clients, in mind. It was clear Laura had spent the time to understand our brand and the competitive landscape at the very start which meant everything delivered was on brief and in line with (or exceeded) our expectations.

Jemisha Solanki, Little Senses Whole Foods

How does my website copywriting service work?

I don’t believe in being awkward, so tell me what you want and I’ll get going for you. Here’s my guideline process:

Set-up call.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other. It’s really important that I understand your business and audience before I start writing for you. You’ll probably find I spend lots of time asking you questions you’d never thought you’d hear. I’ll give you a couple of briefing forms to complete – we’ll talk through this together.

Content planning.

Lots of my clients have already planned out their rough website content – so in this case all I do is pick up the list and get writing. But I’ll also collaborate with you to create a plan for your website if you’d find that helpful. I’ll happily work with your website designers to make sure the copy I supply fits their needs.

Schedule and write.

We’ll agree a schedule to work to and then I’ll get going. I’ll always deliver your website copy to you well ahead of your planned launch date so you have time to read through, check you’re happy with it and request any edits.


You go live and keep me in the loop. I love sharing the websites I’ve written for my clients and keeping up with the comments and feedback you get.

Website Copywriting Questions

Is your website copywriting SEO optimised?

Of course. The way I see it, why write website copy that doesn’t get picked up by search engines? I’ll include in-line links to authoritative external sites, internal links, keyword-rich headings and natural, uncomplicated writing that humans like to read.

How long will it take you to write my website copy?

Website copywriting is normally more complex than other forms of writing. What’s more the number of pages and the complexity of your subject mean I give a case-by-case estimate for website copywriting. Let me know about your project and I can give you an estimate of how long your project is likely to take.

Will you edit an existing website?

Yes of course. You can find out more about this in my copy-editing section.

How will you write in a way that sounds like me?

In the initial website copywriting briefing call, I’ll ask you to complete a tone of voice briefing template which helps me understand more about your brand and how you “sound”. I use this information to write in your “voice”.

What sort of subjects do you write about?

I write about a broad range of subjects. Visit my portfolio for examples from my recent clients.

Will you write for any type of website?

No. There are some subjects I’m not happy to write for and some subjects that I’m not qualified to write for. You can find out more about my exclusions here.

What if I don’t like the blog you’ve written?

Houston we have a problem! If you’re not keen on the work I’ve done for you, tell me straightaway. Be as specific as possible. Have I used words you hate? Is the style too formal? Is something untrue? It’s possible that something went wrong at the briefing stage, in which case a few tweaks will get us back on track.

I allow for one round of edits. That might not sound like much, but my collaborative working style should mean we iron out any potential issues early on in our working relationship.

How much does your website copywriting cost?

A 3-5 page website – £1,000.

Longer websites – I prefer to quote these on a case-by-case basis. Call me and we can chat things through.

Can you book me in?

Yes! Get in touch with me and we’ll get started!

Want to talk things through?

Book a call